About us

LingNet Europe is a Network of 11 Research Centres for Linguistics and Affiliated Graduate Schools / PhD Programs from 8 countries.


LingNet Europe is a network with the overall aim of enhancing cooperation and academic exchange between the partner institutions. More specific aims of this transnational network include the following:

  • providing a forum for sharing best practices as regards, e.g., the design and running of graduate degree programmes, catering for the needs of an international studentship, methodological innovations and infrastructure development,
  • enhancing the quality and attractiveness of the graduate (specifically doctoral) degree programmes of all parties involved, by supporting their Masters and PhD students in goal-oriented career planning for top-level research and providing them with possibilities for international networking, and
  • serving as a platform for preparing joint funding applications for top-level linguistics research fit to strengthen the national and international visibility of each of the partner institutions as well as the international visibility of linguistics and the language sciences in Europe, in general.

One of the main ideas of LingNet Europe is to create an umbrella structure offering graduate, especially PhD, students from partner institutions “privileged access”. Most prominently, this may include informal or, where co-tutelle agreements are in place, formal co-supervision of PhD theses. On a Masters level, this may mean offering internships of 4-8 weeks in research projects to Masters students of the partner institutions. Where ERASMUS agreements exist, the relevant LingNet Europe partners may also arrange for a one-term student exchange and/or a short-term staff exchange. “Privileged access” may also translate into granting access to resources (especially electronic corpora and databases) otherwise restricted to on-site use. In practice, all these arrangements will be the responsibility of the directors or coordinators of the partner institutions.